Cyber Girl

Man, if the future is looking this hot them sign me up for time travel. This Cyber Girl can service me anytime.

Didn’t come out much like the prompts but I like the results.

Prompts: three females together (((sexually fondling))) each other with cybernetic robotic arm wearing liquid latex clothes, (((3girls))), one redhead one platinum blonde one white hair, lewd, hardcore, large breasts, alluring, highly detailed, highly detailed eyes, futuristic background, nsfw, porn, muscular fitness model, highly detailed arm, intricate, exhibitionist, digital painting, ultra realistic, hyperrealistic, intricate, realistic, cinematic, concept art, highly detailed, illustration, digital art, digital painting, depth of field, masterpiece, 4K,

Negative prompt: low resolution, lowres, bad anatomy, bad composition, ugly, abnormal, unrealistic, double, contorted, disfigured, malformed, amateur, extra, duplicate, extra fingers, extra arms, text, logo,

Steps: 60, Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras, CFG scale: 20, Seed: 831407075, Size: 512×683, Model hash: 536889f8c4

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